The best things that happened to me in 2020 thanks to Twitter


@GoodMarketingHQ wrote an article/thread on the rise of @LilNasX. His following then turned it into viral content. This allowed me to discover


This led me to follow more marketers on Twitter.

@harrydry led me to @mkobach.

Matt’s tweets about social helped me realise there was another way to use Twitter.

Following Matt introduced me to:





This video on @david_perell‘s YouTube channel introduced me to @jackbutcher and @visualizevalue.


After being on furlough for four months, I began to take LinkedIn/Twitter more seriously. I started to share my experience in social media. This lead to @JoshRobinsonLMS contacting me on LinkedIn. @lmsukmedia became the first @sociallysounddj consultancy client.


@JoshRobinsonLMS introduced me to @charliek3lly who built my personal website and now builds @sociallysounddj with me every day!

Socially Sound might look very different without that one LinkedIn message.

After six weeks of sharing in public, I wrote an article about my learnings. How I turned my toxic Twitter timeline into a free learning resource blew up and was read in 15 different countries after @jspector featured it in his newsletter.

Followers turned to friends.

@amlewis4 sent me firm & valuable feedback on my writing

@jamierusso became my U.S wingman.

@RobbieCrab gave me the confidence to become a Social Media Consultant.

@jackbutcher + @GoodMarketingHQ began replying to my tweets


@oliviercantin shared his book recommendations.

@JamesClear – Atomic Habits changed my life, inspired my niche and helped me launch my business by building 1% each day.


I launched my ‘Be Socially Sound’ newsletter on Substack.

I became a @visualizevalue member and started building @sociallysounddj.

I spoke on my first podcast which made me my first £1 on the internet.

I signed my biggest client.

I have since worked on three record label releases with his three of his artists. All three releases charted on @beatport organically.

One of them reached #1 on the Deep Tech charts.

November / December

I soft-launched the other side of @sociallysounddj on November 5th. I have since turned that £1 into £1k. The podcast I spoke on in Oct has helped me earn £420 of that £1.1k. Socially Sound now has 16 paying members.

Thank you for reading.

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