Socially Sound 001 – Chris Cue (DJ Breakthrough Academy)


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Socially Sound is made up of three key components:

  • Network
  • Learn
  • Grow

In our first webinar DJ Breakthrough Academy and Tough Luck Records owner, Chris Cue talks us through the components and his plans for his two businesses. 

Network – Building his network

How two Ibiza seasons in 2009 and 2012 helped build his network outside of Chris’s hometown in Sunderland. 

  • Playing Circoloco after-parties and filling in for Richy Ahmed at a Cocoon after-party 
  • How a gig with Rebekah in his home-town of Sunderland lead to a DJ residency in Birmingham 
  • Warming up for Marco Carola at a Birmingham after-party 
  • How Tough Luck Records began with Jonny Lawrence (artist) and Anna Wall (PR/Publicist turned fabric resident)

Learn – DJ Breakthrough Academy – 11.15 

Chris talks about:

  • How he started DJingĀ 
  • How it developed from the bedroom to a nightclub
  • Starting Tough Luck Records with music from their built network
  • The decision: Do I try and make it as a DJ or go for a career in music?
  • Turning a hobby into a business
  • Starting DJ Breakthrough Academy for artists in the North-East to learn (16.15)
  • Preparing young DJs for clubs by playing on a real sound system
  • What is the reality of making it as a DJ?
  • The academy is tailored to the studentĀ 
  • The power of word of mouth
  • How Covid-19 lockdown has helped Chris adapt his businessĀ 
  • What does the future of education for a DJ look like?

Growth – How to approach a record label (40 minutes)

  • The do’s and don’ts of a cold email to a label 
  • How to put your name into an artist or label owners head through social media
  • The three questions to ask any record label before signing a contract
  1. What is your release schedule?
  2. Are you investing in PR?
  3. Are you funding the remix?
  • The big question: do you need a record label?
  • How I played a part in launching Chris’s friend Lee Walkers DJ career through one crowd video of Marco Carola at Music On

Key Takeaway – How to get attention – 57 minutes

Tip: Send personalised vinyl sleeve artwork to each artist

Artist: Jonny Lawrence (Tough Luck label partner)

Johnny personalised each vinyl sleeve with a permanent marker so each artist on their label hitlist received a unique vinyl sleeve. These sleeves were not available anywhere else and were unique to each different artist. 

This got the attention of Adam Shelton, Subb-an and Bloody Mary, leading to a thank you on social media share and support in clubs.

Tough Luck Records took these artists on their hitlist through their own marketing funnel to generate attention, interestdesire and action

“Social media is going to be our superpower” – Tough Luck Records

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Press Examples for Tough Luck Records – Mainlane PR

As a Socially Sound member, you can now network with Chris (@ChrisCue) one-to-one inside the Socially Sound Social Club in Slack. 

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