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With so many social media, tech and emerging startup companies now competing for our time, attention and data, owning your audience through a website and email list is essential.

ActiveCampaign, Hubspot and SalesForce are the leading CRM systems, focusing heavily on converting email lists into paying customers. Before, I was aiming to bring in £2k a month as a standard wage. Now, I’ve got the ambition of making £2k from one email.

My relationship with email marketing is not great. Six months ago, if you had given me the choice of 10,000 followers on Instagram or 10,000 email followers with the opportunity to make money straight away, I would have leaned towards the social media followers.

Now, I would choose the email list every time.

Be Socially Sound

The success of my first article has allowed me the chance to build an email list off the back of it. Be Socially Sound is a personal email focusing on social media and marketing. I truly do believe we can all use social media better and my newsletter will show us how.

What my article showed me is so many of us are using social media in the wrong way. Twitter is a powerful place, but only a few have realised the power of it.

My first Be Socially Sound newsletter was titled ‘Give Positive Feedback’ and it included 10+ screenshots of feedback I received off the back of a Twitter thread. I thought this would be a great way to introduce readers to my weekly thoughts and to show that I value their kind words.

Next week’s focus will be all about first impressions and it will focus on why your social media platforms always be consistent and well-kept as you never know who might find you.

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